Newsweek's Evan Thomas: "Journalists Like War"!!

Every once in a while, the mainstream media actually tells it like it is: One such occasion, in 1898, right before the "Spanish-American War", both the press and Theodore Roosevelt were 'hysterical' for war. Evan Thomas, the assistant managing editor of Newsweek, who seemed eager to agree that the modern mainstream media are a pack of blood hungry savages, relates that William Randolf Hearst, was one of our media's most despicable example of that addiction. Nevertheless, even the people who had been anti-war, on some level, realize that their real bias, no matter what the damage to our world's society, is for conflict. For example, before our invasion of Iraq, many journalists (McClatchy and Democracy Now) played up stories about our government's allegations of Weapons of Mass Destruction, because that is what 'real' journalism is all about. Or is it? If we are unable to trust our so-called news-media, whom can we trust? THINK ABOUT IT, before you believe all of the bullshit and horse-manure, and certainly before you decide to trust our 'free' or lying press!!
Please click on the headline to read the rest of this story, and certainly before you trust our so-called honest press!!

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