At the 'Pearly Gates': Were you an American? Here's a list of your crimes!

Though our great and powerful nation has failed in her mission to become a beacon for the rest of our troubled world, Michael Moore is still hopeful that many of our good people will united to turn our nation around: Instead of killing the innocent civilians of our target nations, which was my job as Advisory Team Leader in Vietnam, we must demand from our government that we truly become a positive influence, by using the huge amounts of money which are now routinely dumped into the bloated coffers of our defense contractors, to ensure that we help those billion desperate people of our planet who cannot drink a cup of clean water, and the two billion who don't have clean sanitation. For around $15 billion, which is what we have been spending almost every month on our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, we could give clean water to virtually all of the people who don't have it. Would our citizens not be proud to be known by a child who is 10,000 miles away, and who could grow up drinking clean water, remembering our mighty nation after seeing a plaque on their well, which reads: "Brought to you from your friends in the United States of America". That is how we should want to be known by the rest of our world!
Please click on my headline to read Amy Goodman's complete interview of Michael Moore!

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