BBC NEWS: Israel Launches Deadly Air Strikes on Gaza

Israeli air strikes on Gaza have killed at least 12 Palestinians, including a senior militant leader. Zohair al-Qaisi, secretary general of the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC), was targeted because he was planning an attack, the Israelis said. Another militant was killed with him. The Islamic Jihad militant group said 10 members of its military wing, the al-Quds Brigades, were also killed. The Israeli military said dozens of rockets had been fired into Israel. A spokeswoman said the rocket attacks had injured at least four people, one seriously. Some of the rockets had been intercepted by Israel's "Iron Dome" anti-missile system, she added. The rockets were apparently fired in retaliation for the killing of PRC leaders. Correspondents say it was one of the worst outbreaks of violence along the Gaza border for several months. The Israeli strikes mainly took place on Friday, but one militant was killed in a pre-dawn attack on a car on Saturday. Medical sources say one man was also seriously injured in Friday's attack on the car carrying Qaisi, near Gaza City. Witnesses say Israeli drones were heard in the area shortly before the car burst into flames, the Associated Press reports. The first air strike came a few hours after two mortar shells fired from Gaza landed in Israel without casing injury. The PRC, which represents a number of armed factions aligned with Hamas, the Islamist movement that runs Gaza, has carried out several rocket and grenade attacks against Israel. It also operates independently of Hamas.

Stewart Ogilby: Media Mayhem and National Disaster

Clever criminals have gained control of America's media. Political propaganda and deliberately misleading messages are constantly being fed to the public. Television has become the primary instrument for promoting aggressive wars that result in the murders and sufferings of millions of men, women, and children throughout the world. This horror is now glibly referred to on TV as "collateral damage". Attractive well-dressed actors and announcers are paid to read from monitors and to say what TV bosses demand. These "media whores" are accessories to murder by promoting warmongers, criminals who pay others to murder that they may monopolize the world's wealth. Their bosses are not creators. They are humanity's parasites. For several years I have, among others, been doing my best to figure out what did and didn't happen on 911. I was fooled for several years. Only recently have I been able to discard the lies and visual deceit presented that day on television and echoed in newspapers. These media are controlled today by associates of criminal war profiteers and their bankers. Together, they are mass murderers and must be held accountable as such. Money is no problem for people who actually control the currencies of most nations, our own included. In addition to controlling TV and newspapers, 911 perpetrators upload a huge number of online videos, most of which purport to be "exposures" or part of a "truth movement" that have attracted hundreds of well-meaning people. Memorial web sites, tributes, bogus obituaries, and human interest tid-bits of "murdered victims" are all over the place. The entire terrorist narrative is designed to invoke the emotion of fear.

Bob Johnson: Some Major Holes For War With Iran!

Casually listening to the established media for insightful articles about the media's handling of the push for a war with Iran: Israel and its "US" politicians will be keeping the American military busy fighting Israel's wars. It would seem that Iran has already decided to build a nuclear weapon, and is in fact working toward that goal. However, this is not true. Iran is working on nuclear power for peaceful needs, not to build nuclear weapons as Israel has already done. This quote from a recent article in Time makes this clear: "Iran's current enrichment efforts remain under scrutiny by the IAEA, whose inspectors certify that no material has been diverted for any possible covert military covert military program, and any move to break out and build a weapon would be obvious, first and foremost, by the need to enrich uranium to anything above the levels required for Iran's peaceful purposes, less than 4% for reactor fuel, 20% for the Tehran reactor that produces medical isotopes, and on the latter, the stockpile would necessarily be limited, an issue that will be a focus in negotiations that look set to resume in the coming months. Weapons-grade uranium must be enriched to above 90%. Add to these facts the fact that both Israel and the US don't believe that Iran is very far off from even starting to become a nuclear threat. It makes you wonder what Israel's true purpose for pushing for a war with Iran really is. Obama recently sounded threatening to Iran in an interview with The Atlantic. In the interview, while speaking about using the American military to attack Iran, if Iran attempts to build a nuclear weapon, he said, "I don't bluff." This reminds me of former tough-guy George W.

Tom Valentine: Christian Zionist Right: Money from Above

The educational video "Roots of Christian Zionism" presented here, is illustrative of teaching by example. I wish fervently that this great education will go viral over the Internet. It teaches me that my own bombast can never be effective in convincing others that they are obviously wrongheaded in their views. The calmer, Christian way is better, watch and see for yourself. Then be sure local pastors see it. Charles Carlson is a quiet, mild-mannered gentleman who serves by example as he most thoroughly dissects the history of Zionism's control of American Church goers, and their millions of lockstep votes. I have ridiculed these otherwise normal Americans in my VT columns for the past year, and when I retired from Radio Free America after 16 years of broadcasts back in 2004, I first used "oxymoron" to define them, and I vowed to carry on a campaign against "Churchianity" which is no longer New Testament Jesus centered. Not long ago I literally called for popular support: Oxymorons, Take it Viral, Musicians and Sports Stars Needed. Oxymoron is not a pleasant word, it is not respectful, and I have not intended it to be. I have no respect for whatsoever for Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann or Rick Santorum, all oxymoron war mongers. I presume that VT readers are largely aware that many of my columns during this past year have attacked the huge voting block of "Christian Zionists" for their oxymoronic beliefs that propel us all into war, destruction and chaos, their twisted idea of end times. Ooops, there I go again, never mind, pay attention to this video and see how a Christian deals with with the diabolical problem of how Zionism conquered America's potent Christian Majority with the power of money/media control.


Common Dreams: Lessons NOT Learned 120 Million Americans at Nuclear Fallout Risk! :

New map shows 120 million Americans at Nuclear Fallout Risk. Red flags for heightened risk factors of a severe nuclear accident abound in the United States: In the one year since the Fukushima nuclear disaster began, the Nuclear Regulator Commission (NRC) has failed to enact any safety mandate for US reactors, an oversight the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) says is making 120 million Americans at an increased risk of radioactive impacts. The group's new US nuclear fallout map shows the risk factors associated with the nation's plants and the radioactive plumes that would have occurred had an area been hit with a Fukushima-like disaster. There are clear lessons learned from the Fukushima disaster, yet our government allows the risks to remain, said NRDC Scientist Jordan Weaver, PhD. It doesn't have to be an earthquake and a tsunami to trigger a severe nuclear meltdown. In addition to human error and hostile acts, more common occurrences like hurricanes, tornadoes and flooding, all of which took place around the country last year, could cause the same type of power failure in US plants. The NRDC reports: With 6 million Americans living within 10 miles of a US nuclear power plant, the evacuation zone defined by the federal government, and more than 120 million Americans living within 50 miles of a US nuclear power plant, the distance the US government told Americans to evacuate from the area around the Fukushima plant, we cannot afford to stand by and hope the worst won't happen here, especially with extreme weather intensifying around the globe. Red flags for heightened risk factors of a severe nuclear accident abound in the United States.   

Jim Kirwan: The Countdown Begins!

Because Purim is honored, based on the Hebrew calendar, the days when it is celebrated are different each year, so when you try to check and verify the statements in the paragraph below, using our calendar, the results could be confusing. What is not at issue is that today Purim begins for 2012. "This year this wicked occult ritual of Purim falls on March the seventh and eighth. Consider this: The Iraq war of 1991 ended prematurely exactly on Purim Day: Immediately following the savage slaughtering of 150,000 surrendering Iraqi troops, during the Purim dates, which was decidedly monstrous in any estimation. The next Iraq War began on Purim, 2003, and the Libyan Invasion began on Purim, 2011. There have been several other developments that are not heart-warming, but which do throw more light on what is continuing to develop between Zionist-Israel and the rest of the world. On 6 March 2012, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu requested the United States approve the sale of advanced refueling aircraft as well as GBU-28 bunker-piercing bombs to Israel during a recent meeting with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, a top US official said on Tuesday. The American official said that the US, President Barack Obama instructed Panetta to work directly with Defense Minister Ehud Barak on the matter, indicating that the US administration was inclined to look "favorably"upon the request as soon as possible. During the administration of former US President George Bush, the US refused to sell bunker-penetrating bombs and refueling aircraft to Israel, as a result of American estimates that Israel would then use them to strike Iran's nuclear facilities. Following Obama's entrance into the White House, however, the United States approved a string of Israeli requests to purchase advanced armament. 

RT.Com: Mossad, CIA and Blackwater in Syria!

A security operation in Homs reveals Mossad, CIA and Blackwater are involved in the military violence in this part of Syria, as over 700 Arab and Western gunmen and Israeli, American and European-made weapons were detained in Baba Amr district. Syrian security forces got yet further proof of Western powers' military involvement in Syria's internal conflict, reports Al-Manar, a news agency , affiliated with Hezbollah, the Lebanon-based militant group and political party. Around 700 gunmen were recently arrested in the former rebel stronghold of Babar Amr. "The captured gunmen held Arab nationalities, including Gulf, Iraqi, and Lebanese. Among them were also Qatari intelligence agents and non-Arab fighters from Afghanistan, Turkey, and some European countries like France," the agency quotes Syrian expert in strategic affairs Salim Harba as saying. Harba also confirmed to the agency that "a coordination office was established in Qatar under American-Gulf sponsorship. The office includes American, French, and Gulf - specifically from Qatar and Saudi Arabia intelligence agents, as well as CIA. Mossad, and Blackwater agents and members of the Syrian Transitional Council." The Syrian expert also added the security forces have also seized Israeli, European, and American-made weapons. "The Syrian army also uncovered tunnels and equipment there," he told the agency, "advanced Israeli, European, and American arms that have not yet been tested in the countries of manufacture, in addition to Israeli grenades, night binoculars, and communication systems were confiscated by the security forces."


Drier: Anti-Zionist Jews Protest Purim Provocation!

It has come to our attention that on Sunday, March 20 at 12:00, in front of the Iranian UN Mission at 633 Third Avenue, corner of 40th Street in Manhattan, certain rabble-rousers plan to hold a  Megilah reading, with the purpose of insulting the Iranian president and heating up tensions. Authentic Jews will be there to register their protest against these troublemakers, as well as express their pain and sorrow at the insulting and provocative behavior, which is a part of an approach that can have catastrophic consequences. The portrayal of the Iranian president as an anti-Semite and hater of the Jewish people is patently false. In Iran, Jews and Judaism are treated with honor and respect. The Zionists, ever since the founding of their movement, have adopted a policy of terrorizing and vilifying anyone who does not go along with their political line, but this policy has always brought, and continues to bring, severe consequences for the Jewish people, bloodshed and misfortune, may the Almighty spare us. In general, it must be known that the idea of Zionism, that the Jewish people must arise from exile and found its own independent state, is forbidden by the Torah, no matter how it is done. The Almighty sent us into exile, and forbade us to free ourselves from that exile, promising us through His prophets that He Himself would take us out of exile in a supernatural manner, without any human movement. The Jewish people believe in the Almighty's redemption and wait patiently for it.

Mark Hill: Six BS Myths You Probably Believe About America's Enemies.

Spend five minutes listening to politicians and pundits talk about countries like Iran and North Korea, and you walk away thinking the world is a scary place, but politicians have agendas, and pundits want viewers. They aren't always the most reliable sources, but they're usually the loudest, which is why you probably believe that: Iran Could Start a Crazy War at Any Minute! What You've Heard: It's easy to see why people are afraid of Iran. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has threatened to wipe Israel off the map, and claimed the United States was behind 9/11. Well, it was! When I served as the Intelligence Operations Officer for the 4th US Armored Division in Goeppingen, Germany, I had the misfortune to hear that our "Israeli friends" were in the process of machine gunning and finally sinking our USS Liberty. At the time, under Colonel Antero Akkula, ordered me to bring the sad news to General Sherrer, our division's commander. While I stood in the general's doorway, I heard our General say: "With friends like the Israeli's, we have no need of enemies!"Of course, it's easy to see why people are afraid of Iran, but our "friends" in Israel are many times worse, depending on our country's good nature to once again help them out, despite their disgusting way of screwing our great country one more time! It's easy to see why people are afraid of Iran, but so far, they have carefully avoided sinking any of our ships, but, as I found out as our "friends" in Israel are not as careful! Let's take our relationship with Israel to the next level. Like "Cracked" we're bad lovers but we're funny. Ahmadinejad isn't in charge. Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is!

Sheldon Richman: No to AIPAC, No to Israel!!

Those who hoped President Obama might bring a new approach to foreign policy have been repeatedly disappointed. On Sunday, Obama had a chance to partially redeem himself. He failed. Speaking at the conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), he declared, "I have said that when it comes to preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, I will take no options off the table, and I mean what I say. That includes all elements of American power." All elements? That includes nuclear weapons. It is hardly an exaggeration to say this week's AIPAC conference in Washington DC, has but one agenda item: Goading Obama into confronting Iran even more than he already has. The coalition comprising Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israel lobby, and Congress's dominant pro-Israel caucus will pull out all the stops in this effort. The Republican presidential candidates, except Ron Paul, will add fuel to the fire while hoping that Obama leaves some room for them to out-warmonger him. When I say all the stops will be pulled out, I mean it. Netanyahu said, "Seventy years after the Holocaust, many in the world are silent in the face of Iran's pledges to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. This is a day in which the leaders of the world must commit not to allow another genocide." But American and Israeli intelligence agree that Iran has not decided to make a nuclear weapon. Twice US intelligence has concluded that Iran scrapped its nascent program in 2003. It is a signer of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), meaning inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency are on the scene. They have repeatedly certified that Iran has diverted no uranium, which it has enriched for energy and medical purposes, to weapons construction. On the other hand, Israel possesses several hundred nuclear warheads, some submarine-based, and is not a signatory of the NPT. It submits to no inspections. It rejects calls for a nuclear-free Middle East. 


Ann Wright: Obama, The Denier Of Israeli Crimes!

The vital information freely distributed in today's Hoffman Wire is made possible by donations from readers and the sale of our books, newsletters and recordings. Obama, the "Denier" of Israeli Crimes: I listened to President Obama's speech on AIPAC Sunday, March 4, 2012, while sitting outside the Washington Convention Center where AIPAC was holding its annual conference. We, at OCCUPY AIPAC hooked up a PA system to a computer and listened to the live stream while watching tens of thousands of Israeli supporters arrive for their yearly intimidation of the US Congress and the US President to fund and protect Israel. Much of the focus for others writing about the President's pandering speech to AIPAC will be about the Iran nuclear program and, if weaponized, the threat to Israel and US security, in that order. I will leave the Iran nuclear program to them while I write about a part of his speech that pertains to a part of the world that I know personally, but one last comment about Iran, Obama said the Iranian government denies the "Holocaust." I would say that the Iranian government is not the only "denier." President Obama and his advisers are the "deniers" of incredible Israeli violence and horrific violations of international law. In his speech, Obama said, "When the Goldstone report unfairly singled out Israel for criticism after Israel attacked Gaza, we challenged it." Having been in Gaza within days after the 22-day Israeli attack on Gaza that killed 1,440, wounded 5,000 and left 50,000 homeless (13 Israelis were killed, five of them by Israeli fire), I know the Goldstone Report is accurate in its recording of endless Israeli attacks on Gaza by air, land and sea. President Obama must know that the Goldstone report comments on the actions of all parties, not just the Israelis.

Deutsche Welle: Annan Set To Go on Mission Impossible in Syria

Former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan heads to Damascus this weekend to resolve the increasingly bloody conflict there, but experts say the mission is a long shot. Annan travels to Syria on Saturday with the full backing of his successor, UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon, who seems to believe that the Nobel Peace Prize laureate is his best and perhaps only chance at the moment to deescalate government violence against the opposition. Annan will also be speaking in the name of the 22-member Arab League, which is growing increasingly critical of the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Experts don't give Annan much of a chance of achieving a breakthrough in what could be seen as a diplomatic "mission impossible." "Annan faces very long odds," the president of the International Crisis Group, Louise Arbour, told AFP news agency. "The regime seems determined to crush the protest movement and views any concessions as a first step toward its downfall." With the tacit backing of Russia and China, who have vetoed UN Security Council resolutions condemning the government crackdown on the opposition, Assad's forces bombarded and retook rebel strongholds such as the Homs last week. The United Nations says more than 7,500 civilians have died in Syria's campaigns against anti-Assad protests. Meanwhile, aid groups are having difficulty even entering the worst-affected areas of Syria to alleviate the considerable human suffering there. It Annan is to get results, he needs leverage, moral or otherwise, to move the Assad regime, but it is entirely unclear what such a lever could be. 

pravda.ru: Wyoming Quietly Prepares for the Collapse of the Federal Government!

In the storm of the economic crisis, all the arguments about the benefits of friendship, cooperation and integration are forgotten. As evident from the Western experience, only thriving together can be a good thing. When the dark days come, everyone tries to keep their stuff separate. The principle "every man for himself" becomes more popular, and people are ready to erect fences around each village. It is one thing when France and Germany are making tremendous efforts to prevent the collapse of the still young euro area. It is quite a different story when the germs of centrifugal tendencies appear in a well-established country like the United States. Meanwhile, the state of Wyoming in all seriousness began preparations for autonomous navigation. The freedom-loving mountaineers nearly passed a bill providing for procedures in case of the collapse of the federal government. The State House of Representatives was short of just three votes to pass the bill. The bill includes the introduction of domestic currency, creating its own army and even the possibility of acquiring an aircraft carrier. It was assumed that the final set of measures needed to start an independent life would be developed by a special parliamentary commission. However, according to the main initiators, the last two points about the army and navy were inserted in the bill by its secret enemies. Before considering these ideas in the House of Representatives the ideas were crossed out along with the proposition of the state's own currency.


Parisa Hafezi: Khamenei Allies Trounce Ahmadinejad in Iran Election!

Clerical Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has tightened his grip on Iran's faction-ridden politics after loyalists won over 75 percent of seats in parliamentary elections at the expense of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a near-complete count showed. The widespread defeat of Ahmadinejad supporters, including his sister, Parvin Ahmadinejad, is expected to reduce the president to a lame duck after he sowed divisions by challenging the utmost authority of Khamenei in the governing hierarchy. The outcome of Friday's vote, essentially a contest between conservative hardline factions with reformist leaders under house arrest, will have no big impact on Iranian foreign policy, notably its nuclear stand-off with the West, but it will boost Khamenei's influence in next year's presidential election. With 90 percent of ballot boxes counted, Khamenei acolytes were expected to occupy more than three-quarters of the 290 seats in the parliament, according to a list published by the interior ministry on Sunday. In the race for the 30 seats in the capital Tehran, a Reuters tally of preliminary returns showed Khamenei supporters had taken 19 and pro-Ahmadinejad candidates the rest. Leading in popularity was Gholam-Ali Haddad Adel, a key ally of Khamenei and father-in-law to the paramount leader's son, Mojtaba. Pro-Khamenei candidates won in the Shi'ite Muslem holy cities of Qom and Mashhad and led in other major provincial centers including Isfahan and Tabriz, where over 90 percent of voters backed Ahmadinejad in the 2009 parliamentary election.   

James M Wall: Obama's AIPAC Speech!

Obama's AIPAC speech says, in effect, Netanyahu does not have the support of either Obama or his military advisors, for an attack on Iran unless the Obama "weaponization" red line is crossed. When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu makes his annual state visit this week to Washington, he will be surrounded by sycophants and loyal political allies prepared to respond to his every demand. I speak not of the Prime Minister's traveling companions from Tel Aviv, but of the welcoming community of American politicians, fawning pro-Israel US media stars, and brain-washed interfaith-obsessed religious leaders, far right and mainstream, who have willingly traded their stewardship of the American Soul for a bowl of interfaith Zionist porridge. I strongly suspect President Obama knows this more than he is able to acknowledge. What he must do between now and November is orchestrate the political game skillfully enough to make it clear he does not favor an attack on Iran any time soon. If he is reelected, Obama will then, and only then, be in a position to use his second term to halt all this "bomb Iran" nonsense. The AIPAC weekend did not start well for Obama: It was depressing to see the President playing the political game in a carefully structured individual media interview with The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg. Goldberg used his exclusive post-Netanyahu media interview with Obama to toss up questions which sounded uncomfortably like an AIPAC script. He pushed Obama to affirm his love for Israel, and, by extension, led him close to McCain-like "bomb, bomb, bomb" Iran campaign rhetoric.     

Pyotr Shmelev: North Korea Throws Dust in USA's Eyes!

North Korea has imposed a moratorium on nuclear testing, launching long-range missiles and uranium enrichment. This was the result of negotiations recently conducted by the representatives of the DPRK and the US in Beijing. In return, followers of the Juche idea were offered food aid. On February 29 the agreement was announced by the US State Department. They noted that the US intends to go beyond 240 thousand tons of food aid, and take other steps to improve bilateral relations. On its part, North Korea pledged to let the IAEA inspectors into its main nuclear facility, a research center in Yongbyon. The information on the agreement with the United States was confirmed by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA). A positive reaction followed from virtually all stakeholders. "The introduction of the moratorium is the first small step towards peace," commented on the incident at a congressional hearing US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. State Department officials said they informed the Russian leadership of all the agreements reached. The Americans stressed that the participation of Russia and China in a dialogue on the North Korean nuclear program was "extremely important". The introduction of the moratorium is the first small step towards peace," commented US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. State Department officials said they informed the Russian leadership of all the agreements reached. The Americans stressed that participation of Russia and China in a dialogue on the North Korean nuclear program was "extremely important".   


Zen-Haven.dk: Could Putin Be in Power until 2024?

More than 100 million Russians will go to the polls on Sunday to elect a president who will be in office for the next six years. Most polls indicate it will be an outright victory for Vladimir Putin, the current prime minister and former president who has made a deal with his ally Dmitry Medvedev, the former president and current prime minister. Despite initial public outrage over their job swap, Putin is consistently polling at around 50 percent, well ahead of the fragmented opposition, and even if voters do not endorse Putin, his victory is likely to be assured with the help of regional officials loyal to his United Russia party. Putin would remain in charge until 2018, or 2024, if he won a second term. By then, Putin would have chalked up 24 years in power out of the 33 years since the collapse of Communism, thanks to his previous terms as president and prime minister. If the outcome is such a certainty, why should the US and other Western countries care? Experts agree the US will find Russia harder to deal with on Putin's return. On Wednesday, British think tank Chatham House warned that Russia's stability is at an increased risk, due to Putin's determination to stay in power. The overriding objective of Vladimir Putin and his team is to preserve the narrow and personalized ruling system that they have built over the past 12 years, it said in a report. Real change, involving accountability and devolution of power, would disrupt the system! 

Stuart Littlewood: Playing with Battleships in the Gulf!

The most important thing I've read these last few days is the excellent article 'Armageddon Approaches' by Dr Lasha Darkmoon "Armageddon Approaches" a cautionary piece which points the reader toward some very scary background information. For example, according to Russ Winter of The Wall Street Examiner The Sunburn Capable and Versatile Hormuz Weapon, Iran's Sunburn missiles, acquired from Russia and China over the last 10 years, have the capability of creating "a world of hurt" for the US Navy's 5th Fleet. "The Sunburn is perhaps the most lethal anti-ship missile in the world, designed to fly as low as 9 feet above ground/water at more than 1,500 miles per hour. The missile uses a violent pop-up maneuver for its terminal approach to throw off Phalanx and other US anti-missile defense systems. Given their low cost, they are perfectly suited for close quarter naval conflict in the bathtub-like Persian Gulf." With its 90-mile range, the Sunburn can be fired from practically any platform, including a flat bed truck, and could hit a ship in the Strait in less than a minute. The US Navy has never faced anything in combat as formidable as the Sunburn missile. Then, there are the even more advanced SS-NX-26 Yakhonts missiles, also Russian-made, with a speed of Mach 2.9, and a range of 180 miles, deployed by the Iranians along the Gulf's northern shore. Every US ship will be exposed and vulnerable. When the Iranians spring the trap, the entire lake will become a killing field. In the Gulf's shallow and confined waters evasive manoeuvers will become difficult, and escape impossible, since the sailors caught in the net will be hard pressed to survive!

rense.com: Sheriff Joe's Report On Obama's Forgery

"President Barack Obama's long-form birth certificate released by the White House on April 27, 2011, is suspected to be a computer-generated forgery, not a scan of an original 1961 paper document as represented by the White House when the long-form birth certificate was made public," Arizona's Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said at a press conference in Phoenix. This is the major preliminary finding of a six-month ongoing Sheriff's Cold Case Posse law enforcement investigation into the authenticity of Obama's birth certificate and his eligibility to be president. Having developed probable cause to believe the long-form birth certificate was most likely a computer-generated forgery, investigators began examining other evidence of President Obama's life history. Investigators additionally have developed credible evidence suggesting: President Obama's Selective Service card was most likely a forgery, revealed by an examination of the postal date stamp on the document. Records of Immigration and Naturalization Service card was most likely a forgery, revealed by an examination of the postal date stamp on the document. Records of Immigration and Naturalization Service Cards filled out by airplane passengers arriving on international flights originating outside the United States in the month of August 1961, examined at the National Archives in Washington, DC, are missing records for the week of President Obama's birth, including the dates August 1, 1961 through August 7, 1961. 


Saman Mohammadi: Will President Obama Give American Blood For Bibi's War?

Israel is a vampire state. It feeds on American blood and money. Without them, it cannot survive. Pat Buchanan writes: "SR 380 points directly toward a US war on Iran. Who does not want a war? The White House, the Pentagon, the Joint Chiefs, the intelligence community, the antiwar left and Old Right, and millions of Americans who believe a US war on Iran could ignite a sectarian and regional war that could prove catastrophic for the Middle East, the world economy, and the United States of America." Justin Raimondo writes: "How dare our generals, our soldiers, sailors, and airmen, you know, the people who will actually have to fight in Netanyahu's war, speak their minds on the matter! Why, it's an outrage! On the other hand, it's perfectly all right that billionaire gambling casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, who funds Netanyahu's far-right Likud party, is also pumping millions into the campaign of Newt Gingrich, and, he says, the eventual Republican, whoever he is, while loudly proclaiming his goal of advancing Israeli interests and promoting war with Iran. Is this a war aim Americans need to die for? Netanyahu's war will be a war fought for Israel, started by Israel, and benefiting only Israel. As for us, we will suffer a series of economic shocks, not just oil shock, bit the shock of discovering that our fighting men and women have been turned into the instrument of a foreign power, and all without a peep of protest from any of the leaders of the two major parties, including our own President."

Ben Shapiro: Pat Buchanan: Anti-Semite

Pat Buchanan was recently fired from MSNBC over his latest book. It is not as if MSNBC suddenly realized that it had an anti-Semite on staff. If they really cared about that, they would have fired him years ago. As I've written, they only hired him in order to use him as the cardboard cut-out conservative. Last week, Buchanan proved that point in full color. He did an interview on Russia Today, the Kremlin-sponsored channel that features radical leftists like Tom Hartmann, in which he tackled the issue of Israel and Iran. "There are people that want a war," Buchanan said. He continued: I mean, do not think no one wants a war. You don't have wars unless someone wants it, and quite clearly the Israeli government would like to see the United States smash Iran's nuclear program, which they think is creating the additions where Iran could, with one leap forward, get a bomb. The Israeli lobby would like to see a war. They support the Israeli government. Neoconservatives do. Many Republicans do. There are many Americans who genuinely believe that if Iran, they believe Iran is moving toward a weapon, and if it is, they would favor military action to prevent it. There are a number of people who want a war. He went on to suggest that Israel's position on this was a greater threat to the United States than Iranian nuclear weapons. Now, Pat Buchanan has long been an anti-Semite. His repulsive publication, The American Conservative, is an isolationist tract featuring the writings of magazine co-founder and open Jew-hater Taki Theodoracopulos, who calls himself a "soi-disant antisemite."        

Pyotr Shmelev: North Korea Throws Dust in USA's Eyes

North Korea has imposed a moratorium on nuclear testing, launching long-range missiles and uranium enrichment. This was the result of negotiations recently conducted by the representatives of the DPRK and the US in Beijing. In return, followers of the Juche idea were offered food aid. On February 29, the agreement was announced by the US State Department. They noted that the US intends to go beyond 240 thousand tons of food aid, and take other steps to improve bilateral relations. On its part, North Korea pledged to let IAEA inspectors into its main nuclear facility, a research center in Yongbyon. The information on the agreement with the United States was confirmed by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA). A positive reaction followed from virtually all stakeholders. "The introduction of the moratorium is the first small step towards peace," commented on the incident at a congressional hearing US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. State Department officials said they informed the Russian leadership of all the agreements reached. The Americans stressed that the participation of Russia and China in a dialogue on North Korean nuclear program was "extremely important". The moratorium on nuclear testing was welcomed by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. He expressed hope that North Korea fulfills all its obligations, resulting in the Korean Peninsula transformation into a nuclear-free zone. Ban Ki-moon urged all parties to double their efforts to achieve a final solution to this issue. The IAEA has expressed its willingness to send its inspectors to North Korea.