February 13, 1945: A Day That Will Live in Infamy

According to Professor Dr. Fetscher, in charge of Civil Air Defense 180,000, mostly civilians, were killed by British and American air attacks in February 1945. The photo shows one pile of burning bodies, and toward the back and in the front of this photo, are the many corpses which had alreeady been burned to avoid an outbreak of disease among the few remaining survivors.

There would be more attacks, for Winston Churchill had ordered his, and the American Air Force units to wipe out all of the refugees fleeing the raping, torturing, and mutilating Russian hordes invading Germany with the phrase: "BASTE THEM ! ! !"

As a young child, I had passed through the doomed city just a few hours before the attack, and I witnessed the destruction from a hill overlooking Dresden. When the British Lancaster bombers flew low over the farmhouse where we had sought refuge, the vibrations were so intense that a 20" x 35" framed painting pounded against the interior wall, almost drowning out the roar of the enemy machines. It had snowed for several days, and then the British dropped aluminum foil over the farm house where my mother and grandmother had sought refuge, to confuse any German radar systems. The foil, which landed on the nearby spruce trees, reminded me of the Christmas celebration we had enjoyed just a few days earlier, I began to sing Christmas carols, while my mother and grandmother cried.

May Churchill forever roast in hell for this atrocity, even if I have to be there personally to stoke the flames!!!