Peace Action: "Obama can go to hell"

Paul Kawika Martin, one of the leaders of the anti-war movement, disclosed that there had been a lot of angry comments aimed at Obama during a conference call with progressives from the US: "I heard a woman say 'Obama can go to hell'. That was from someone who had campaigned for him." Martin, political director of Peace Action, added: "I am hearing a visceral reaction among the grassroots who are very disappointed. People did want to give Obama a chance, but that honeymoon period is clearly ending."Such sentiments can be heard at social gatherings round Washington where liberals meet and can be seen in the daily debates on liberal blog sites such as Huffington Post, Daily Kos, Firedoglake and Talking Points Memo. MoveOn.org, whose members campaigned hard for Obama last year, helped raise funds for him throughout the early stages of his administration, turned on him and unequivocally denounced him: " President Obama has ordered about 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan - escalating the war. But escalation only deepens our involvement in a quagmire. The president needs to hear that we want to bring the troops home, not send more to Afghanistan".


The Anarchy which Obama Created in Afghanistan

To fully understand the "war" in Afghanistan, you have to look at the time-line on
Our greed for the oil available from the former Soviet "republics" has made us blind to the suffering of the indigenous people in that struggling nation. Right now, there are hundreds of thousands of Afghans struggling to stay alive and feed their families in the mud of wretched refugee camps near Kabul.
As a direct result of their suffering, a group calling itself "the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan" has issued a warning to the American people of how they will endeavor to defend their troubled nation. To read the full text of their warning, please click on A Message From The Taliban at


Petraeus: "Violence Will Increase in Afghanistan"

As a result of the US military escalation, US troops would "have to fight their way into enemy strongholds and clear enemy-controlled population centers."
But wait: Hamid Karsai, our 'boy in charge' of that desperate country, stated that it would be 15 to 20 years before Afghanistan would be able to sustain its own security forces.
As long as the long-anticipated oil pipeline will enrich the wealthy owners in our United States, the casualties among our soldiers and airmen will not be of great concern to small and tiny (CHANGE) Obama, our supposed deliverer from the alleged evils of our Cheney/Bush administration.
According to the New York Times, Pentagon aides went further, clarifying that when Gates spoke of a withdrawal taking YEARS, he was not referring to a complete pulling out of US troops, but merely to a: "gradual" and "conditions-based" theater of the absurd, and an almost imperceptible change in the US military role!
Before a lot of fools were enticed to vote for him, Obama DID promise change, and now you have it.