Arabs accuse Israel of "Ethnic Cleansing" their remaining territory!

In an article by Marwan Bishara, titled: "Jerusalem, Unholy Fault Lines", the author predicts a new cycle of confrontation with far reaching regional consequences for Israel. Like the fault lines deep underground in the nation of Chile, which may yet destroy more of that unfortunate country, Israel is now about to be "shaken, not stirred" to the very depth of its narrow-minded "leadership", though Binjamin Netenyahu, the Israeli prime minister, is counting on the commitment of Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, to prevent another Intifada.
He is most likely going to wait in vain: His constituency is still upset that more than a third of Al Quds has been expropriated for Israeli construction, while 22 per cent is zoned for "green" areas and public infrastructure, and 30 per cent remains "unplanned".
For this reason, the Obama administration had asked Israel to freeze all demolition of Palestinian homes in order not to aggravate tensions in the city.


A Timeline of Oil and Violence in Afghanistan

Thinking of joining the US Army and fighting in Afghanistan? Its all about oil, of course, and now you can read how we got into this mess, in which you, and your fellow soldiers may lose an arm, a leg, or even your life: Try to get a hot bimbo to satisfy your natural sexual needs, if you no longer have all of your body parts. I suspect is can't be done. When I served in Vietnam, and was saturated by "Agent Orange", I lost my pancreas, which is necessary to maintain an erection. Fortunately, I was able to court a wonderful girl who married me despite my unfortunate loss, but I would feel guilty, if I didn't ask you to avoid a similar fate.
First of all, WE are not in that troubled world to catch bad guys who toppled the World Trade Center - In reality, WE - the powers who run our American government, did that all by ourselves.
I urge you to check http://www.ringnebula.com/ where you will find a timeline for our our intervention in Afghanistan. It all started on July 3, 1979, when President "Jimmy" Carter signed a secret directive aiding opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul, calculated to induce a Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.
Please read the rest of this truly anti-American story of our "Government"
for yourself !!