President Bush Floats Military Draft Proposal

Hey there! Yes, I mean YOU, the guy who supports the illegal war to plunder Iraqi oil, but is too chicken to sign up for the fight! Lt. General Douglas Lute says it "makes sense to consider a return to the draft to meet our US military's needs".

So, you have other things to do: Money to make, souls to save? Better get used to saving your own ass! If you are now of draft age, and are unable to buy your way out of military service by bribing a congressman, GET READY TO PUT YOUR ASS ON THE LINE FOR THE WAR YOU CLAIM TO BELIEVE IN!!

It's really not as bad as Vietnam, and I survived that, even after many VERY, VERY, close calls: Like being ambushed at a distance of 15 feet, two bullets barely missing my head by less than an inch, and, after I felt their air pressure, passing harmlessly by. Perhaps you will enjoy the same good fortune, with a lot of help from our God.

That is, if you are on very good terms with Him. Are YOU sure HE supports the mess we have made in Iraq? Does HE want you to kill women and children? Better check with HIM NOW!!

Despite all of the mealy-mouthed double-talk from our subservient "free" press, you may have heard that our war in Iraq is not going well at all. So, sign up now instead of waiting for YOUR turn, and put your life on the line, instead of sending the less fortunate of our our country to do YOUR bidding.

If you should come back in one piece, or if you come back at all, after your revelation on the road from Damascus to Baghdad, I invite you to find a peace group and do YOUR part for the glory of our Creator!