The State of Israel Israel has NO SHAME!!

Torture of captured Palestinians has long been practiced by the Israeli military. Now, this outlaw country, which lives from the tax dollars of our corrupt Obama government, has decided to grab us by the neck and stick our face into their slimy and illegal practices: Photos from the discharge album of the former member of the Israeli Defense Force Eden Aberdzhil, which she proudly posted on her personal page on Facebook suddenly turned into a serious scandal of international scale. Several images from the series "Army: the best days of my life" depict a girl in an IDF uniform posing next to Palestinian "detainees" who are blindfolded, and whose hands are tied. The photos reminded many of similar photos of prisoner abuse by "our" US military in Baghdad's Abu Graib prison, which became "famous" throughout the world in April of 2004, when CBS published pictures of prisoner abuse by US soldiers. The current photos illustrate the idiotic mentality of our Israeli "buddies", who appear to be proud of the fact that they can humiliate Arabs at will. Jawad Amawi, responsible for the prisoners' rights in Palestine, said that the Israeli soldier took these pictures while serving in the IDF, and therefore the Israeli state should be held accountable for her actions.
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