"Kudos" to WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange in his Fight for the Truth!

As usual, our "free", read "government controlled" press, refuses to tell us, the "Sheeple", what is REALLY happening in Afghanistan. Until "our government" decides to shutdown the internet, there will be honest people like Julian Assange, who somehow believe that the truth is too important to be buried - like our many other important news items, in the 'classified' sections of our newspapers. Hence, Julian decided to become the founder of the whistle-blower website WikiLeaks: He decided to place 91,000 reports from units in the field, from embassies with relations to Afghanistan, intelligence officers, and informers on his site. In case of the latter, the US military puts a label on each informer to indicate how reliable they believe these sources are. So far, Julian has received no physical threats, and even the disturbing sounds coming from the Obama administration about a month ago seem to have stopped. His organization will do everything in their power technically and legally to protect their sources, and maximize the impact the submissions that they make to Wikileaks. This has included releasing important documents to "The New York Times", "The Guardian" a British, and "Der Spiegel", a German publication.
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