Obama's Political Flip-Flops and Failures

To accuse Obama of flops and failings would be a severe understatement. Though he appeared to be a fired-up crusader for truth, light and justice, to those who foolishly chose to follow him in the mistaken belief that he was a fired up crusader for truth, light, and justice, he soon shed the cocoon around him to disappoint all of those who had chosen to believe in his integrity: After grossly disappointing those who had chosen to vote for him, he raced to the Nobel Prize Committee, to disappoint them as well. One of Jeff Rense's illustrators immediately caught the reality of his phony presidency by posting a sign: "Nobel Peace Prize with oil change." In fact, Obama didn't even stop for an oil change, before he disappointed each and every one of the hopes which the Nobel Prize commission had for his presidency. Not to be outdone, he also revved up the pace of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan to kill as many of that poor nation's indigenous forces, while drawing the entire world into that quagmire. Barack was elected by a majority of voters who believed the man they saw out on the sump was the Man of the Hour. Was it the Real Barack Obama who quickly and efficiently cut his ties to longtime friends because they were "too controversial" and might cost votes from those who probably wouldn't vote for him in the first place? I leave it up to you to sort out this dilemma.
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