Eight Years Embedded With Our US Army

Ann Jones (www.annjonesonline.com) is one of those truly dedicated Servants of our God, if indeed an "almighty" God exists:
I suspect that He does, for I saw his hand above me too many times to doubt: First, when my mother, grandmother, and I fled from our hometown of Breslau, (now Wroclaw, Poland) with the very last (unscheduled train), we were treated to a sumptuous feast, prepared by the Red Cross women in Dresden. Only a few hours later, my family was forced to watch from a nearby hill, while the "evil British" and American bombers destroyed that beautiful city. Much later, when I had become an Advisory Team Leader in Vietnam, I felt the very close presence of two enemy bullets, missing my head, and that of my loyal sergeant, by a fraction of a millimeter, which is much less than a millimeter, which again is much less than an inch. When my sergeant and I had finally recovered our senses, both of us realized that our survival could only have been possible by the intervention of an all mighty GOD. Based on my previous experience, I highly recommend that you purchase the wonderful testimony of Ann Jones, who loves, as our GOD commands, a sense of compassion to our fellow travelers along our difficult path toward our search for perfection. God on line 1 - Do you want to take that call? Before you answer, get ready to talk about your sins. If it's any consolation to you, please check your account, to see whether you are still worthy of HIS mercy.

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