Did "We" REALLY WIN in Iraq????

The soldiers of the US 4th "Stryker" Brigade, high on synthetic Bravado, shouted "We won", "It's over!!" Is "it" REALLY?? Now it's time to once again pour out the same stale pablum for the kids in our country, who are destined to lose arms and legs, as well as a few other body parts in the same misguided adventure for our iron Fatherland, and we are also forgetting Iraq and her people. Foreign wars lead to a complete polarization of decent discourse. First of all, there are still 50,000 American military personnel in Iraq, and the majority are still combat troops, but now they are called something else: The major units still in Iraq will no longer be called "brigade combat teams" but will instead be "advisory and assistance brigades". When I served as "advisory team leader" in Vietnam, I did much of my "advising" with the bullets from my rifle, and our remaining "enemies" were usually kind enough to accept my well-meant advice, though on a few occasions they decided to return "their" kind reminder that this was, after all, their country, by responding with AK-47's and B-40 rockets. My advice to our valiant warriors is to keep their weapons handy, and respond to the other side's advice with their own. Anyways, that is my honest opinion, and I'm stuck with it!

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