Currency Wars for Dummies, by David Chu

Once apun a time, three monks were walking back from a teaching lesson with their Master. When one of these unenlightened noticed a flag on a post, fluttering with the wind, the first initiated one said: "I see a flag flapping". Not to be outdone another of the "initiated ones"
looked up and said: "No, I see the wind flapping!" Their master, the only one who knew the secrets of this world, said: "No, I see mouths flapping." Heeding the words of their great master, the three learned monks stopped in their tracks, quietly closed their impudent mouths, and began to stare in all directions around them, if only to avoid the penetrating gaze of their wise and learned master. Here endeth the reading of my epistle: Now that the much awaited suspense of the wise and noble acts of our all seeing, and all-knowing Federal Reserve have been made to the lowly mortals of our world, some glimpses of their wonderful deeds may shine even upon those of us who merely have an MBA degree - (mine is from the University at Arlington, Texas) On November 3, we can all abandon our collective amnesia, and for the ladies, wallow in our People-magazine pop culture. Sorry, but the men must be satisfied with reports of who's going to win the Super Bowl next February - move along, move along.
Please check David Chu's insightful analysis of our economic and monetary errors at JeffRense.com, or just Rense.com.

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