Global Research: More Lies, More Censorship, More Wars!

Once again, our country is tortured by war propaganda through the major media: Once again, in a country which does not advocate Western views and interests, a chaotic situation is created by the usual suspects, in the guise of "humanitarian intervention", the same crap given to me and my fellow soldiers, when I fought for the United States in Vietnam. The "social unrest" in Syria is described by the major media as a "peaceful protest movement", though the fact is that we are looking at an armed insurrection, which had been planned a long time ago, according to General Wesley Clark. Here is what he wrote in his book: "Winning Modern Wars", Iraq, Terrorism and the American Empire. "As I went back through the Pentagon (yes, I was there too, in the company of CIA man Steve Mayfield, who had wanted me to spy in East Germany, against the wishes of my boss, Colonel Akkula, (who had the task of obtaining weapons to fight the Soviets during World War II). The colonel had talked me out of that spy job, and as the Intelligence Operations Officer, I knew that he always had my best interests at heart. But I digress: In a recent article on Global Research: A "Humanitarian War" on Syria, Military Escalation. Towards a Broader Middle East - Central Asian War? (Michel Chossudovsky revealed the underlying mechanisms of the "protest movement" in Syria, and its covert connections to Western Intelligence.)

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