Yuri Sosinsky Semikhat: Arab Revolutions May Lead to War Against Israel

The color revolution in Egypt caused negative reactions in Israel from the very beginning. The staunchest followers of democratic values welcomed the national riots that targeted the tyranny of former President Hosni Mubarak. However, many Israeli politicians and public figures, who are capable of calculating the political consequences of the possible regime change in Egypt were concerned about the massive riots on Cairo's Tahrir Square. Mubarak's government was friendly with Israel. The stability on the borders with the western neighbor has been extremely important for Israel during the recent 30 years. Israel's army was always prepared for subversive activities conducted by Lebanon and Syria. Israel's Defense Forces built defense constructions and mobilized extra forces to defend its northern territories. As for Egypt, Israel has never been concerned about that country. Anyone who has ever been to Israel's southern border, knew that those were quiet and safe places for Israel. While Mubarak was in power, Egyptian extremists did not dare to conduct subversive activities against Israel. Now, the state of affairs has changed drastically, as seen from the dramatic events near the Israeli embassy in Cairo. The Egyptian military has not intervened to prevent war-like actions against radical extremists, who have axes to grind against Israel.

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