Lisa Karpova: CIA Admits to Monitoring Social Network Worldwide!!

The Central Intelligence Agency of the United States employs hundreds of analysts for clues about the 'mood' of the local population and reactions to the country. They operate in monitoring social networks around the world in search of threats to national security. Relationships are also checked to probe local opinion. Installed in an industrial shed at a secret location, the agency team, dubbed "vengeful librarians," follows five million tweets per day, plus Facebook, newspapers, TV news channels, radio stations worldwide, Internet chat-rooms, etc. According to AP, from Arabic to Mandarin, from an incensed tweet from a reflective blog, analysts gather information and cross them with local newspapers or even illegally intercepted telephone conversations. With these data, they draw a picture about how many perceive the US in a given country or the degree of satisfaction of the population. A report said the team also managed to predict the events of the so-called "Arab Spring" in Egypt. "We have seen that social networks in places like Egypt could become a threat to the regime," said Doug Naqim, named director of the CIA Open Source Center. The actions of the team began work on the recommen -dation of Congress after the attacks of 11/09. Today there are hundreds of analysts who study web access in China, to the ebb and flow of social groups on the streets in Pakistan.

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