Finian Cunningham: Obama Administration is CEO of Murder Inc.

Clinton denies US involvement in murder of nuclear scientist. After months of relentless threats against Iran, in which the Islamic Republic has been warned bu no less than the President of the United States that "no options are off the table", the US is now denying it had a role in the assassination of a top Iranian nuclear scientist this week. The terrorist formula of all options of aggression being available to Washington has been reiterated time and again by defense secretary Leon Panetta and other senior Washington figures, and even extends to pre-emptive use of nuclear weapons. Recall, for example, Hillary Clinton telling the Islamic Republic that it would be "obliterated". Furthermore, the "all options" American strategy has been demonstrated in practice, with systematic cyber attacks on Iranian computer networks, the incursion of CIA aerial drones into the country's territory, and deadly explosions at military or nuclear research facilities. The no-holds barred American terror diplomacy against Iran can also be traced back to cruise missile attacks on Iranian oil installations in 1987 and the blowing out of the sky of an Iranian civilian airliner by an American warship in 1988, killing 290 passengers on board. In that context, official US denials are not worth the paper they are written on. 

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