The Six Levels Of The American Government.

We have six levels of government in America: The Bilderberg Society, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Committee of 300 and such other groups are on Level A where all decisions are made. These people have been around for a very long time. Most of the ancestors of the inner circle made their money from the slave trade, colonial exploitation and from the British East India company and opium. The Bilderberg Society has only been meeting since 1954. It has a Steering Committee which decides the agenda for their annual meetings. This year the meeting will be in Virginia. The three founders were Sir Evelyn De Rothschild, David Rockefeller and Prince Bernmhard of the immensely wealthy Dutch royal family. The interests of English, Spanish and other royal families are represented in the Steering Committee, but they never attend. Barry Chamish, who is so Jewish that the Israeli government ran him out of Israel, noticed that western diplomats were making stops in their shuttle diplomacy to see the King of Spain. It seems that he represents the chivalric orders in the Freemasons, who believe they have a prior and more valid claim to Jerusalem than do either the Israelis or the Palestinians. The European nobility is also called the "Black Nobility" and are on the inside of the decision making of the inner circles. They are also called the Black Nobility, because their deeds are evil, and because they often wore the black robes of the Catholic church. The Rothschild family has been bankers to the Vatican since 1827. Many of the Black Nobility can trace their ancestry back to the Byzantine Emperor Leo the Khazar, whose mother was Princess Irene of the Khazars. Others can trace their family fortunes back to Venice: Venice had a gold-based currency that collapsed due to fractional reserve banking. If a man came by and deposited ten gold coins, you could give him a receipt, which would be treated as a 'gold equivalent' by merchants. The bankers soon issued far too many paper gold certificates. The whole scheme collapsed in 1348, but the perpetrators were allowed to flee. Most settled in Holland and took their fractional reserve banking plans with them!!   

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