Roi Tov: Go ahead, Iran! What happened to Ralph? Blame it on mob mentality or the lure of primitivity.

But our admirable protagonist just joined the ranks of the savages. For many years, I wondered what happens with school bullies. After all, they are the only nature constant evident in Western schools. One cannot trust that proper topics would be taught, one cannot trust that a proper level would be achieved, but always, always, one can trust that the bullies are out there attacking the righteous sheep. Obscured by propaganda, the scary truth was slow to emerge. Bullies join the government and become self serving civil servants. In early 2013, the people witnessed two overwhelming examples of Western state terror. In the USA, the IRS acknowledged to have targeted conservative groups for closer scrutiny based on their names and political opinions. In Israel, Jewish doctors forced the closer scrutiny based on their names and political opinions. In Israel, Jewish doctors forced the sterilization of Ethiopian women. Apparently they didn't like their skin color. On May 28, we got another scary reminder that the West is nothing but a continental enactment of the Lord of the Flies. The tale, written by William Golding, is about a group of English schoolboys who are plane wrecked on a deserted island. Instead of drinking high tea, they detiriorate into savagery. Two retired generals, James Cartwright USA and Amos Yadlin Israel, published a paper through the Washington Institute. It was entitled Israeli or US Action Against Iran. On May 28, the Atlantic published an abridged version. First, I tagged that hallucinated war plan by bored retired generals, and found momentous interest on a new conscription law. However, dismissing the issue was impossible. Exactly one month before that, I had published Israel Intelligence Directorate Sends America to War. Cartwright and Yadlin were oddly repeating Aman (IDF's) Intelligence Directorate recommendations. What is one supposed to do when a deja vu turns out to be solid reality? Lord of the Flies Announces Attack. On April 29, much of Aman's proposed plan for an American War on Syria were published by Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper closely related to the Shin Beth. The newspaper cited Brigadier General Ytai Brun, Head of Aman Research, the most strategic part of this organization.

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