Matthias Chang: US Dollar Collapse and Japan's Sham Currency War.

The hidden agenda behind Japan's Kamikaze Quantitative Easing. US dollars have been flooding the financial markets ever since Bernanke launched quantitative easing, allegedly to turn around the US economy. These huge amounts of US$ toilet paper are mainly in financial markers, and in central banks, outside of the United States. A huge chunk is represented as reserves in central banks led by China and Japan. If truth be told, the real value of the US $ would not be more than a dime, and I am being generous here, as even toilet paper has value. That the US dollar is still accepted in the financial markets (specifically by central banks) has nothing to do with being a reserve currency, but rather that the US$ is backed, or supported by the armed might and nuclear blackmail of the US Military Industrial Complex. The nuclear blackmail of Iran is the best example following Iran's decision to trade her crude in other currencies and gold instead of the US $ toilet paper. If the United States were not a military threat and a global bully that can blackmail with impunity the oil exporting countries in the Middle East, the global financial system which hinges on the US$ toilet paper, would have collapsed a long time ago. The issue is why has the US$ not collapsed as it should have by now? When we apply common sense and logic to the state of affairs, the answer is so simple and it is staring at you. But, you have not been able to see the obvious, because the global mass media, specifically the global financial mass media controlled mainly from London and New York, has created a smokescreen to hide the truth from you. Let's analyse the situation in a step by step manner,  and apply common sense. The US is the world's biggest debtor. The biggest creditors are China and Japan, followed by the oil exporting countries in the Middle East. With each passing day, the value of the US$ toilet paper is worth less and less. As I said earlier, even toilet paper has some intrinsic value. It reaches zero value when everyone has to carry a wheelbarrow of US $to purchase anything. For the US$ toilet paper creditors, they cannot admit the fact that they have been conned by the global Too Big To Fail Banks, acting in concert with the FED and the Bank of England to accept US$ toilet papers. The central bankers of these countries have a reputation to preserve, not that there is in fact any reputation, for their so-called financial credibility is also part of the scam, and the political leaders that relied on them is in a bigger bind. How can the political leaders be so very stupid to trust these central bankers, who have stashed away in foreign tax havens huge US$ toilet papers as a reward for their complicity.    

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