pravda.ru: USA blatantly violates domestic and international laws baming Putin!

At the first real chance that Russia could provide asylum to Edward Snowden, a former contract employee of U.S. intelligence, the United States stepped up pressure on Russia, demanding to clarify Snowden's status. Pravda.Ru asked Yuri Ursov, the former head of the press service of the Russian Security Council, to comment on the events. "I looked at the top ten pieces of news in the American version of Google. It has it all: a mention of the death of the king of heroin in Myanmar, the murder of a journalist in Dagestan, a plane crash in Alaska, kidnapping in the state of Ohio. There was not a word about Edward Snowden, a former employee of the American CIA, who is now in the transit area of Moscow Sheremetyevo airport. It can be assumed that the media dependent on the U.S. government have been instructed not to raise this issue in order not to attract attention to the flagrant violations of the constitution and a number of international treaties by the U.S. government. Russian liberal media do cover this topic. They have a very peculiar angle. For example, "Echo of Moscow" radio started a discussion with the audience whether Snowden was a traitor. This is an acute subject, and of course, according to the radio "Echo of Moscow" the fact that Snowden is a traitor is predetermined. But why is he a traitor? Did his actions affect the defense of the United States? No, they did not. Did his actions hurt people? Was someone imprisoned or executed? No! So what's Snowden's betrayal? In fact, he told the world that the United States conducted surveillance, listening to people who work on the internet, who talk on the phone. This means that he disclosed that the U.S. was breaking one of the fundamental rights of democracy, a right to privacy. Echo of Moscow radio station in their broadcasts accuses the authorities of the Soviet Union and Russia, from Stalin to Putin, of conducting surveillance, When the surveillance is conducted by the U.S. intelligence agencies, they lead the conversation astray, replacing real news with minor discussions. They promote a predetermined outcome, echoing the American interpretation that Snowden is a traitor. This image is being injected into the mass consciousness. Kommersant published information that United States President Obama refuses to come to Moscow for a meeting of "G8" if Snowden is not extradited to the United States of America.They were involved in such a vigorous debate that U.S. Ambassador McFaul had to make a rebuttal, saying that, of course, President Obama will attend the summit. This is indicative of the trend the liberal media adheres to. It seems that someone in the American General Staff gave a command to distort the topic, replacing the basic content with secondary details, namely, that the United States not only violated their own laws, but also the laws of the international community.

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