AlterNet: By Pepe Eascobar: The New Axis of Evil: Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the Pentagon

Are backing Egypt's Bloody Crackdown. I have argued that what has happened in Egypt is a bloodbath, conducted by a military junta responsible for a coup that is not a coup, under the guise of an Egyptian "war on terror". Yet this news-peak gambit, which easily could have been written at the White House, is just part of the picture. Amid a thick fog of spin and competing agendas, a startling fact stands out. A poll only 10 days ago by the Egyptian Center for Media Studies and Public Opinion had already shown that 69% were against the July 3 military coup orchestrated by the Pinochet-esque Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. So the bloodbath that is not a bloodbath cannot possibly be considered legitimate, unless for a privileged coterie of Mubarakists, the so-called fulool, a bunch of corrupt oligarchs and the military-controlled Egyptian "deep state". The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) government led by Mohamed Morsi may have been utterly incompetent trying to rewrite the Egyptian constitution, inciting hardcore fundamentalists, and bowing in debasement in front of the International Monetary Fund. But it should not be forgotten this was coupled with permanent, all-out sabotage by the "deep state". It's true that Egypt was, and remains, on the brink of total economic collapse, the bloodbath that is not a bloodbath only followed a change in the signature on the checks, from Quatar to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. As Spengler has demonstrated on this site see Islam's civil war moves to Egypt, Asia Times Online, July 8, 2013, Egypt will remain a banana republic without the bananas and dependent on foreigners to eat any. The economic disaster won't go away, not to mention the MB's cosmic resentment. The winners, as it stands, are the House of Saud, Israel, Pentagon axis. How did they pull it off? When in doubt, call Bandar. In theory, Washington had been in relative control of both the MB and Sisi's Army. So on the surface this is a win-win situation. Essentially, Washington hawks are pro-Sisi's Army, while "liberal imperialists" are pro-MB, the perfect cover, because the MB is Islamic, indigenous, populist, economically neoliberal, it wants to work with the International Monetary Fund, and has not threatened Israel. The MB was not exactly a problem for either Washington and Tel Aviv, after all ambitious ally Quatar was there as a go-between. Qatar's foreign policy, as everyone knows, boils down to cheer-leading the MB everywhere. So Morsi must have crossed a pretty serious red line. It could have been his call for Sunni Egyptians to join a jihad against the Bashar al-Assad government in Syria, although that's formally in tune with Barack Obama's "Assad must go" policy. Arguably, it was his push to install some sort of jihadi paradise from the Sinai all the way to Gaza. The Sinai, for all practical purposes, is run by Israel. So that points to a green light for the coup from both the Pentagon and Tel Aviv.

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