AlterNet: By Pepe Escobar. Here comes Obama & Co, with Guns and Missiles,

About to be Blazing in Syria. The "responsibility to protect" (R2P) doctrine invoked to legitimize the 2011 war on Libya has just transmogrified into "responsibility to attack" (R2A) Syria. Just because the Obama administration says so. On Sunday, the White House said it had "very little doubt" that the Bashar al-Assad government used chemical weapons against its own citizens. On Monday, Secretary of State John Kerry ramped it up to "undeniable" and accused Assad of "moral obscenity". So when the US bombed Fallujah with white phosphorus in late 2004, it was just taking the moral high ground. So when the US bombed Fallujah with white phosphorus in late 2004 it was just taking the moral high ground. And when the US bombed Fallujah with white prosphorus in late 2004 it was just taking the moral high ground. And when the US helped Saddam Hussein to gas Iranians in 1988 it was also taking the moral high ground. The Obama administration has ruled that Assad allowed UN chemical weapons inspectors into Syria, and to celebrate their arrival unleashed a chemical weapons attack mostly against women and children only 15 kilometers away from the inspectors' hotel. If you don't believe it, you subscribe to a conspiracy theory. Evidence? Who cares about evidence? Assad's offer of access for the inspectors came "too" late". Anyway, the UN team is only mandated to determine whether chemical weapons were deployed, but not by whom, according to UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon's spokesman. As far as the Obama administration and UK Prime Minister David "of Arabia" Cameron are concerned, supported by a barrage of corporate media missiles, that's irrelevant, Obama's "red line" has been crossed by Assad, period. Washington and London are in no-holds-barred mode to dismiss any facts contradicting the decision. Newspeak, of the R2A kind rules. If this all looks like Iraq 2.0 that's because it is. Time to fix the facts around the policy all over again. Time for weapons of mass deception, all over again. The Saudi-Israeli axis of fun. The window of opportunity for war is now. Assad's forces were winning from Qusayr to Homs, pounding "rebel" remnants out of the periphery of Damascus, deploying around Der'ah to counterpunch CIA-trained "rebels" with advanced weapons crossing the Syrian- Jordanian border, and organizing a push to expel "rebels" and jihadis from suburbs of Aleppo. Now, Israel and Saudi Arabia are so excited because they are getting exactly what they dream just by good ol' Wag the Dog methods. Tel Aviv has even telegraphed how it wants it: this Monday, the Yedioth Ahronot newspaper headlined with "On the Way to Attack" and even printed the ideal Order of Battle. Months ago, even AMAN, the Intelligence Directorate of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) concluded that assad was not a fool to cross Obama's chemical weapon "red line". So they came up with the concept of "two entwined red lines", the second line being the Syrian government "losing control of its chemical weapons depots and production sites". AMAN then proposed different strategies to Washington, from a no-fly zone to actually seizing the weapons implying a ground attack.

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