Lee Rogers, Blacklisted News: Adelson's Call For A Nuclear Strike On Iran Shows

Ned To Remove All Zionists From Positions Of Power. During a panel at the Jewish based Yeshiva University, Sheldon Adelson the Zionist billionaire casino mogul stated that the United States should drop an atomic bomb on Iran. The rhetoric towards Iran from Zionist Jews like Adelson is becoming so incredibly insane it is hard to believe that these people have any credibility left.  The Zionists have claimed for years that Iran is developing a nuclear weapon and that alone provides justification for attacking them militarily. This is despite the fact that there is no proof that Iran's nuclear program is for anything but peaceful purposes. This type of comment from Adelson and others of his ilk has more to do with Iran's increasing role in the world as a regional power. The last thing the Zionists want to see is a strong Islamic country like Iran that can counter balance Zionist power in the Middle East. Amother factor is the American people's increased awareness of a misguided foreign policy that has been largely influenced by Zionist war mongers. Since September 11th 2001, American foreign policy has largely been dictated by Zionist Jews most notably trough a group of neoconservatives which previously held important positions within the Bush 43 regime. These policies which resulted in American led wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya have primarily served the interests of Israel and special interests of Israel and special interests tied to the war industry. These wars have been a disaster for the American people costing an untold amount of blood and treasure while at the same time further radicalizing the Muslim world against the United States. Instead of decreasing terrorism in the world, these wars have actually helped increase America's enemies throughout the region. Specifically, American drone strikes which have increased substantially during the Obama regime's reign have resulted in numerous civilian casualties. These war crimes do nothing but fuel a desire foir revenge against the United States. With this pitiful foreign policy track record it is amazing that Zionist Jews have held critical positions in the Obama regime is staggering especially considering that Jews only represent a small percentage of the American population. Fortunately, the American public is beginning to understand how this foreign policy largely serves the interests of Israel and not America. Proof of this is seen with Obama's failed attempt to start another war in Syria. His plan for war was met with no real international support and widespread disapproval from the American people. Iran has also begun to emerge as a significant power in the Middle East. American economic economic sanctions and empty propaganda targeting their nuclear program have failed to slow their emerging influence. Iran has become more self-sufficient on a number of fronts proven by their development of a space program and production of military technologies including drones. There is no question that Iran's rise as a regional power represents a major counter balance to Zionist interests have historically sought to dominate the region. This is why the Zionists are starting to panic, and why their remarks are becoming increasingly bizarre and crazy. The Israeli military is really nothing more than a paper tiger proven by their defeat the hands of Hezbollah fighters during the 33 day war back in 2006.

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