Another Part of "our" World Gone Mad

A photograph featured in The Hindu, dated 17-06-2010, shows security personnel in West Bengal, carrying the body of a woman killed in a purported raid on a "Maoist" hideout. The dead woman has been trussed up like the carcass of a dead animal, her arms and legs tied over a bamboo pole, as our hunters in the United States like to carry a dead deer, before they pay one of our processing plants to separate the "Trophy" head from its body, and mount it on a plaque, to display over the hunter's fireplace. In other words, those citizens of India, former home of the great philosopher Mahatma Ghandi, has chosen to revert to a barbaric culture, much lower than the Nazi thugs who formerly ruled Germany, the land of my birth, until my parents decided to leave our comfortable house near Duesseldorf, to start a new life in Canada, and then the United States, who sent me to Vietnam, to kill innocent civilians. This dismal article, by SV Rajadurai and V Geetha, also features a 'captured' young adivasi man, barely past his adolescence - a face that could stand in for a large number of disenfranchised, poor and desperate tribals, who are being treated as enemies of the state for merely wanting to lead a life of autonomy and dignity.
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