"Trillions" in Unmined Mineral Wealth is NOT a reason to occupy Afghanistan!!

When I served in Vietnam as an Advisory Team Leader near Trung Lap, my team and I had to put our lives on the line to defend the nearby Michelin Rubber Tree Plantation next to this Vietcong Saturated Resettlement Village, which consisted mostly of inferior plywood. Unfortunately, my boss, Major Kurbow, ordered my team to exit immediately through our gate, and join the Vietcong - infiltrated village defense force in fighting these "aggressors". The fact that our order from a man I admired was a suicide mission did not impress me, until green tracers swept perilously close to our position. The will to live, even in those who are considered by their government as: "Cannon Fodder" seems to be somewhat strong in most of us, so I requested, and got two helicopter gun - ships from the 25th Infantry Division at Cu Chi. After they swept the trees in front of us, all resistance from our "enemy" collapsed, and I decided to reject the offer from our helicopter pilots to kill any enemy forces south of our village, by ensuring the pilots that there were a lot of innocent children in that part of our village. Next morning, a greasy little "general" from the 25th Division landed near my Tactical Operations Center, and attempted to "browbeat" me for keeping "his"helicopters" from continuing their mission. I countered that he was not my boss, but that I reported only to Major Kurbow, and requested that he take up any problems with me up with him. Though I suspected that he was just about ready to shoot me, he turned around and scrambled red-faced into his helicopter. Sorry about the long "intro", but I was telling you here, that any mineral resources, however valuable, in my opinion are not worth a human life!!
I do hope that there are some of you who will agree with me.
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