Obama Afghanistan Policy in Ruins, So he taunts us with important Minerals

Webster G. Tarpley is an investigative journalist, who always seems to know when our evil government is once again trying to pull the wool over our collective eyes: In his latest effort to shine some light into the eyes of our deceivers, he tells us that the hearings held this past week by the Senate Armed Services Committee have established that the Obama Afghanistan policy is in ruins. Obama had always profiled himself as the most EXTREME WARMONGER when it came to Afghanistan: More aggressive than Hillary, more aggressive than McCain (for whom my wife and I voted, because we could clearly see the mess Obama would create, once he was safely in his office).
Now, we are shocked to find out that he is even worse than former President Bush. As our casualty list in Afghanistan is getting longer and longer, we also see Generals Petraeus and McChrystal failing in their abortive ground offensives. The two "generals" are even beginning to sound more and more like McNamara during Vietnam (where I served with the 4/10 Cavalry Squadron, and later as Advisory Team Leader north of Kontum, and in the "Iron Triangle"). Please click on the headline of this post to read the rest of this really, really important story, which might mean life or death for many of our brave soldiers or Marines!

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