Our CIA's Black Art of 'Master Illusions'

We were told that one of our ships in the Gulf of Tonkin had been attacked by North Vietnamese torpedo boats, but our CIA had faked the incident. Admiral Jim Stockdale, who flew over the alleged combat area, later testified that no enemy ships were in sight. The CIA's Black Art of 'Master Illusions' is always used to get our United States into unwanted wars. I fell for their devious tricks while I was the Intelligence Operations Officer for our 4th US Armored Division in Germany, and volunteered for the Jungle Operations Course in Panama, a prelude for combat in Vietnam. John Pilger, my favorite investigative journalist, alleges that the CIA had faked the Gulf of Tonkin "Incident", as they have apparently done before so many other of our nation's wars. On the 26th of this May, US Secretary of State flew to Seoul, and demanded that the new "threat" from North Korea must respond to "North Korea's outrage". Unfortunately for her, the only "evidence" from this "outrage" was a torpedo propeller, that had been corroding for several months. In April, Won See-hoon, the director of South Korea's national intelligence, saw through this abysmal farce, and told their parliament that there was no evidence linking the sinking of the Cheonan to North Korea.
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