Obama's Afghanistan Policy in Ruins

The hearings held last week by the Senate Armed Services Committee have clearly established that Obama's Afghanistan policy is in ruins, and it was General McCrystal's sad duty to bring that fact to Obama's attention. Obama had always profiled himself as the most extreme warmonger when it came to Afghanistan. Hence Jeff Rense's timely comment on his huge web site, before Obama was given the coveted Nobel Peace Prize. An illustration on his site said: "Nobel Peace Prize with Oil Change" in other words, by giving this important prize to a warmonger, the Nobel Prize committee had cheapened this prestigious award by giving it to someone who was not only unworthy of it, but who also represented the exact opposite human qualities than those who had been justly awarded this great honor in the past. Now, the casualty lists are getting tragically longer, and the ground offensives touted by "neocon" favorite son Petraeus and his sidekick McChrystal are turning out to be abortive. Defense Secretary Gates now sounds more and more like McNamara during Vietnam or Rumsfeld during the Iraq debacle when he assures our Senators how much progress is being made.
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