Russian Intelligence Chief Says Al-Qaeda a Myth!

Leonard Shebarshin, the former head of Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service, and who now heads the Russian National Economic Security Service consulting company, in an interview for the Vremya Novostei newspaper, says the US 'War against Terror' is no more than a pretext to establish control over the world's richest oil reserves. With military bases in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, Shebarshin said, the United States has already established control over the Caspian region - one of the world's largest oil reservoirs.
For another perspective of the US intervention of that vital region, check the website
http://theunjustmedia.com/Afghanistan/Mujahideen/ - (the Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Military Operations Against The Kafirs, Munafiqs And The Worshippers Of Idols These are the guys our US Army, now led by General Petreus, is now trying to fight. Their huge website claims "19 American Invading Terrorists Killed, 7 Injured in a Martyrdom Operation in Kandahar". They also claim that "Martyrdom Operations Kill 15 American Invading Terrorists in Khost" The latter were supposedly killed in a "martyr" car bomb attack carried out on the military convoy of US invading terrorists on the road leading to Bud Khel village in the Lakano area near Khost city.

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