William Pfaff: "When the 'Right? War' Goes Wrong"!!

Well, William is wrong again. The mess in Afghanistan isn't even the 'right war', and it never was, except for those legislators (and Obama), who never understood this war from the very beginning of this incredible mistake! As I indicated repeatedly in this blog, based on my combat experience in Vietnam, first as S-5 (Civil Affairs Officer), and later in desperate combat with our "enemy" at my tiny base next to Ngo Trang, North of Kontum, and finally in the heart of the "Iron Triangle" at Trung Lap, near Saigon, our top commanders in Vietnam REALLY screwed that 'military intervention' up so badly, that my advisory team and I were completely unable to compensate for the gross incompetence of our four star generals. And NO, I am not willing to volunteer for Afghanistan, since my wife would kill me, if I even mentioned that possibility to her. William Pfaff says that the 'increasingly dangerous Afghanistan situation is worth analysis at two levels, that of the war itself, the ultimately doomed attempt by the United States to conquer the Taliban insurrection and impose a pro-American government, and the domestic political effect of Barack Obama's misguided decision to replace 'Bush's ill-conceived war with 'Obama's war' in Afghanistan. Those of us who knew the score were sorely aware of the fiction that Sadam Hussein threatened the United States (and Israel) with 'weapons of mass destruction that did not exist, and that the Afghan intervention was being promoted by the yet more extravagant fantasy that America and the world were potentially threatened by Taliban-controlled Pakistani nuclear weapons.
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