Afghanistan: A people fighting for peace!

From Christmas 1979, the former Soviet Army occupied that country and started a merciless war against the civilians which lasted ten years. More than a million inhabitants were killed, 2 million were mutilated, and more than six million had to flee the country, in the biggest exodus in human history. Now, to make that country's tragedy even more torturous, the US is planning to ship 12,000 to 15,000 extra troops to Afghanistan early next year. Ann Jones, who has spent much time as a humanitarian aid worker, the author of Kabul in Winter, has written a moving book about civilians dying there in startling numbers. A year and a half later, the horror of Afghanistan's civilian population, mostly consisting of women and children, are still struggling to survive under desperate circumstances. Born in Afghanistan, but raised in the United States, like many in the Afghan Diaspora, Manizha Naderi is devoted to helping her homeland. For years she worked with Women for Afghan Women, a New York based organization serving Afghan women wherever they might be. Last fall, she returned to the Afghan capital Kabul, to create a Family Guidance Center. Her goal is to rescue women and their families from home - made violence. Please click on my headline to see the rest of this important story.

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