Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich: Afghanistan won't 'end well'

During a recent visit to Iowa, the former Speaker of the House predicted our US Army's failure in Afghanistan, with the words: "our war in Afghanistan won't end well". He also advised our war hawks: "We are in enormous danger because we consistently underestimate how hard this is": Could he have been referring to the sloppy intelligence information disseminated by "our" Central Intelligence Agency? Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele recently faced a week of negative press coverage and calls for his resignation after making similar statements at a Republican fundraiser in Connecticut, but Steele's rough treatment after suggesting that the war in Afghanistan couldn't be won didn't seem to faze Gingrich, who charged ahead in arguing that the war likely won't end in victory. Gingrich asserted that the counterinsurgency doctrine created by General David Petraeus "doesn't go deep enough for a place like Afghanistan". "You're dealing with Afghan culture that is fundamentally different than us, in ways we don't understand", Gingrich said. The war "is not going to end well." At last, we finally hear some words of truth from a 'professional' politician.

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