Is BP (BritishPetroleum) Company REALLY ready to "Make Things Right?"

All available evidence, despite the many commercial prime-time ads by the giant British Petroleum Company, indicates a disgusting attempt by that Oil Giant to avoid paying for the damage they have already caused, not only to the environment in the Gulf of Mexico, but also to the health and safety of those who have tried to make a decent living in that environment, and those who have been condemned to eat the contaminated seafood in the area's restaurants. Yes: Americans from DC to LA will face an increased risk of eating contaminated seafood. Since "cleanup"efforts began, Louisiana's Department of Health and Hospitals has documented a steady increase in "health complaints believed to be related to exposure to pollutants from the oil spill." In fact, according to a "Recordable Injury and Illness Data Sheet", compiled by the Deepwater Horizon Unified Command, more than 300 oil-related illnesses were reported in a period of less than two months. These maladies strongly resemble many of the 11,000 that were reported soon after Exxon/Valdez, and range from nausea, faintness and difficulty breathing to dehydration and heat exhaustion.
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