The Bible Does Not Legitimize the Occupation of Palestine!

Pope Benedict XVI addressed the synod for the Middle East, which lasted two weeks in the Vatican, and which has issued a document supporting the Palestinian right to live free in Palestine. The document was signed by more than 180 bishops from catholic churches, invalidating the Jewish argument that they are exclusively chosen by God. The argument of these so-called "chosen" people has been used by Jewish Zionists to legalize the occupation of Palestine and the forcible removal of most of that country's original inhabitants. The pope stressed that a decent life must be guaranteed for all citizens of that country. Thus, the Pope makes it crystal clear that the bible can NOT be used to inflict pain, occupation of their land, or other injustices on the Palestinians. The synod has accused Israel of hindering the movement of Palestinian Christians by erecting a wall, and hundreds of checkpoints which may be used to humiliate Palestinians on a regular basis. The immediate establishment of a Palestinian state is one of many conditions to end the cycle of violence, according to Pope Benedict. He also urged the occupants of that region to live with mutual respect among the various faiths.

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