Do the "good guys" engage in Torture and Indiscriminate Killing??

When I served with our Army in Vietnam, my Advisory Team and I did our very best to avoid the killing of innocent civilians in our part of that war. According to an article in "The Independent", separating the "good" and "bad" guys seems now to be extremely difficult: A detainee tortured with live electrical wires here, children shot by US troops at a checkpoint there, insurgents using children to carry out suicide bombings somewhere else, the list now goes on and on, through 391,832 horrible and, to me, unimaginable documents. At the Pentagon (or should it now be renamed the "pentagram", where evil witches and warlocks hang out to torture the humans of good will on earth). Today, seven and a half years from the order to invade, the largest leak in history has shown what was unleashed by our declaration of war: The Iraqi security forces tortured hundreds, and the US military watched, noted and emailed, but rarely intervened. A helicopter gunship crew was ordered to shoot insurgents trying to surrender. A 'doctor' sold al-Qa'ida a list of female patients with learning difficulties so that they could be duped into becoming suicide bombers. A private US company, which made millions of dollars from the outsourcing of security duties, killed civilians, while other Americans cheered them on. To me, it seems as though the deeds of Adolf Hitler were not far behind.

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