Conversations with Fidel Castro vs the Dangers of a Nuclear War!

The World is at a dangerous crossroads, and we have reached a critical turning point in our history. Unfortunately for the many who will die during a nuclear war, as well as the details of war preparations, should the American government choose to nuke Iran, have been completely withheld from our American citizens, who will die an excruciating death during a "nuclear exchange". The leader of the Cuban Revolution now believes that only a far-reaching exchange of ideas has the possibility to prevent a nuclear disaster, which would end all life on this earth. This war can be prevented, if our citizens pressure their governments and elected representatives, organize at the local level in their towns and municipalities, in other words: inform their fellow citizens of the implications of a thermonuclear war. In his October 15 speech, Fidel Castro asserted that collateral damage would end all life on this green earth. It would be a war every one would lose, and the final result would be the end of all humanity.
Please click on my headline to read the full story of Michel Chossudovsy's conversation with Fidel Castro Ruz, the leader of the Cuban Revolution.

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