Do the US and Israel REALLY want WAR with Iran??!!

Seems the word is out all over the Internet, that "our" Obama government and his "Israeli Handlers" are spoiling for a fight against Iran: As a result, Iran's Armed Forces are continuing their five-day war games, code-named Defenders of Velayat Skies, targeting "hypothetical" enemy warplanes: On the fourth day of the military maneuvers that began on Tuesday, the Islamic Republic's anti-aircraft guns shot down the "hypothetical" enemy warplanes. So far, the Iranian forces have successfully some new air defense systems during these military exercises, including a radar network that spots "stealth" aircraft. The country's senior military officials have also rolled out an air defense system which is an upgraded version of the Russian advanced S-200 system. The new, improved medium range system is capable of spotting and destroying advanced aircraft at both low and high altitudes. It can also be used to spot and destroy advanced aircraft at low and high altitudes. Brigadier General Hamid Arzhangi also indicated that the device can be used in electronic warfare, and can be networked with other radar and defense systems. The air maneuvers are being held near Iran's strategic sights and landmarks, to assess the performance of the newer air defense systems and enhance rapid response capabilities in countering potential air attacks!!

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