Japan Contemplates 'Chernobyl Solution' For Nuclear Disaster!

Engineers at the Fukushima 1 nuclear power plant in northern Japan have extended a new emergency power cable to the front of the complex - hoping to create a medium-term solution to the plant's ongoing cooling problems. Staff at the plant have been battling to maintain cooling systems at the plant since the 9.0-magnitude earthquake a week ago - and the resulting tsunami - knocked out both the primary and backup cooling systems at each of the plant's six nuclear reactors. Each core reactor has faced the possibility of overheating as a result - with some of the active nuclear cores already having gone into partial meltdown. Overnight, however, engineers finished laying a new industrial electricity supply to the plant - a move which could allow the primary cooling systems to be restored, allying any major fears of further meltdowns. Operations to restore power through the new facilities were underway at the time of publication, government spokesman Yukio Edano confirmed. If the operation proves unsuccessful - or even if it is - a spokesman for plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has acknowledged that it could pursue the so-called "Chernobyl solution" to stop any further radioactive emissions from the facility. That solution would involve effectively burying the plant with sand and concrete to seal it off from the outside world - a tactic which, as the name suggests, was used at the Chernobyl power plant in the Ukraine after its explosion in 1986.

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