Oil and the Saudis are the Big Winners of the Japan Disaster.

The "Day of Rage" scheduled for Saudi Arabia on March 11th was completely eclipsed by the Japan Quake and Tsunami, followed now by a nuclear threat to that ravaged country. Not only was it eclipsed, but it just didn't happen. Nor have we heard a peep out of the protesters! In addition, the Saudi stock market, one of the only open ones today due to their Islamic week beginning on Saturday, was up 3% on the energy related impact of the Japan disaster. Didn't that work out nicely? Oil was just starting to retract the past few days, and now we're going to see the prices soar again. Coincidence? When oil is involved, you're talking about BIG money players: i.e. those who think they own us. Not much goes on that they don't control or try to control!

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