Did We Kill Osama Bin Laden

Our so-called "news-media" more likely the purveyors of really old, rotten and extremely SMELLY news, got their targets crossed once more, trying to pass off Osama Bin Laden's death as an exciting media event: Only Gordon Duff, Staff Writer and Senior Editor of the veterans today.com site got it right. They got their first reports of Bin Laden's death "yesterday" about a week ago. Reports outlining his trek to Pakistan began dotting the internet and news services. Fortunately, they began to "smell" something "cooking", surrounded by the foul odor of rotten eggs. 12 hours later, the ensuing media circus began, but Gordon wisely distanced his paper from the ensuing bullshit: It was either "sour grapes" or "do the work." Had this been even eight years ago, Gordon might have been cheering himself. Today, in the bright light of reason, we know that 9/11 NEVER INVOLVED HIJACKERS, or "bin Laden". Last night, statements made by Obama were filled with wild conjecture, hardly different than the "birthers" he had been bashing. Then again, why would bin Laden have to be killed and his body dumped in in the ocean?

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