NATO Massacres Civilians in Libya!

Finally, the truth about the massacres of civilians has come out of Libya. While the armed forces of Colonel Al-Qathafi are fighting against Islamic terrorists, NATO is distinguishing itself by slaughtering civilians. Just recently, seven children were murdered by a "heroic" NATO pilot, who enjoyed seeing the blood of slaughtered children on the arid desert sand. Thus, seven children, four girls and three boys were blasted to pieces by a NATO bomb near Brega, according to a local doctor, who had to give the sad news to the childrens' grieving parents. Among other atrocities, a hospital and a civilian home was attacked in Mizdah in western Libya, and several civilians, including an old lady with a baby were murdered by NATO missiles. Then, according to the Vatican, 40 civilians were slaughtered in Tripoli. The massacres began when CIA agents, operating in collusion with Prime Minister Cameron and President Sarkozy, began the slaughter without realizing that the so-called "rebels" they were targeting, still have links with Al-Qaeda, which was admitted by their leader, Hakim Al-Hasidi, who enjoyed the game of fighting NATO forces in Afghanistan, saying: "It's just something to do".

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Dr. Iglesias said...

Then Syria. Possible attacks: USA trains, letters with Anthrax. Summons NATO missile shield in Europe. Possible target: Iran. Recolonize Africa from the Canaries. The rebels genocide. USA returns to attack Pakistan. The Spain of the welfare cuts will provide money for rebels Libyans. Benghazi against the rebels ... Download: