The Coming Depression Rises to 22.8% - US Real Unemployment Rises to 22.8%

First, the REALLY bad news: Just before it reaches the US: Ford Canada closes one of its last remaining plants! last Crown Victoria ever built will roll off the assembly line at the plant Thursday, marking the end for both the Detroit automaker's iconic rear-wheel drive sedans and its 44 year old factory. The St. Thomas, Ontario plant is in many ways an anachronism. Not only were the design's of rear-wheel drive sedans produced there, but across the border, Detroit closes all stores. The In a 'modern' capitalist economy, the creation of abundance of money that accrues very unevenly in the hands of individuals can aggravate poverty. Milton Friedman, a well-known monetary economist, says inflation is predominantly a monetary phenomenon: By now, our REAL Unemployment rate is at 17 percent, while Obama, according to the Washington Post has a plan??: He wants to tame the nation's rocketing federal dept by finding at least $3 trillion in new savings, to be released Monday, including $1.5 trillion in new taxes, according to the "Washington Post". In order to tame the nation's rocketing federal debt. Combined with his earlier call for $1.5 trillion, yes, I did say TRILLION, in new taxes. What a MORON!!!

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