Barrie Zwicker: Toronto Event Contact!

As the Canadian federal government prepares to honor tomorrow the role of Canada's military during NATO's recent war in Libya, citizens from different Canadian cities will assemble to devote 20 minutes of their time for Peace in Libya, and the goal of ending Canada's participation in NATO's so-called "War on Terror." Canada's military played a leading role in NATO's first war in Africa, which resulted in the deaths of thousands of innocent civilians, the decimation of the country's infrastructure, and the overthrow of the Libyan government. Tens of thousands of Libyans have fled their country of origin, or have been displaced as a result of this so-called "humanitarian war", while hundreds have been rounded up, detained, tortured or summarily executed by NATO's newly installed regime. Africa's largest reserves of crude oil, formerly a source of wealth distribution in Libya and in neighboring African countries, have been divvied up among a selection of multinational oil corporations loyal to the NATO agenda. Libya's Central Bank, and its hundreds of billions of dollars in assets has been plundered and dismantled, and a "private" banking cartel has been installed in its place to run the country's finances. "And the Canadian Government wants to celebrate this achievement?" questions Canadian author and longtime Toronto peace activist Barrie Zwicker. Since 2006, Zwicker argues, Canada's military arm has been transformed from peacekeeping to waging war, training others for war and preparing for war. "The Harper Government has not only involved Canada in multiple theaters of war, from Afghanistan to Libya, but is actively engaging in advanced military planning to bring war to two more countries, namely Syria and Iran." Tens of billions of dollars from Canada's public coffers are now being directed annually to finance NATO's war machine.

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