Deutsche Welle: Gadhafi's Son Captured in Southern Libya.

Seif al-Islam, the son of ousted Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, has been arrested, sources in Libya have confirmed. Gadhafi's one-time successor was wanted by the International Criminal Court. He was the last top figure of the of the Gadhafi regime to have evaded capture or not to have escaped abroad. Sources in Libya's ruling National Transitional Council (NTC) claimed Gadhafi's one-time successor was captured late Friday while attempting to flee the country to neighboring Niger. "He was arrested along with two aides in the region of Al Obari in southern Libya," NTC military commander Bashir al-Tuleib told a press conference in the Libyan capital, Tripoli. "He is being carried by a helicopter to the town of Zintan, southeast of Tripoli, before he is taken to Tripoli," al-Tuleib added. His capture was quickly verified by the International Criminal Court (ICC). The ICC had issued an arrest warrant for Seif al-Islam for crimes against humanity during the ousted regime's violent crackdown on Libyan protesters earlier this year. ICC chief prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo told reporters in The Hague that "Seif will get justice," adding that he wants him to have a fair trial, and to be tried for the same charges he faces at the ICC. International human rights groups have called for Seif al Islam to be transferred to The Hague, out of concerns for his safety after his father died at the hands of opposition forces last month. However, a member of Libya's ruling NTC has said it wants him to be tried in Libya.

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