Pravda: Britain's Massacre - Outrageous and Indefensible!

David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, has stated that the attack on the British Embassy in Teheran was "outrageous" while the Foreign Secretary William Hague has called it "irresponsible". So how shall we label the British massacres in Libya as terrorists were backed to overthrow the government of a sovereign state? It is interesting that the Iranian government at least had the decency to apologize after a few hundred enraged students stormed the British Embassy, after London upped the stakes in what is turning into an unnecessarily tense situation, making it quite clear that London under Cameron and Hague is very much a player in the hegemony over the world's energy resources, using NATO to implement the whims and caprices of of the Israeli lobbies which control Washington's foreign policy, and that of her allies! It is despicable that the British government was incapable of offering an apology, when the three grandchildren of Colonel Gaddafi were murdered in their home by one of the cowards flying NATO warplanes, and now we are speaking about Libya and murder. Was it not a tad outrage-
ous to breach the UN Charter, the UNSC Resolutions and the Geneva Convention in taking sides in an internal conflict, aiding terrorists to murder, rape, pillage, torch buildings, torture, and commit acts of sadism and sodomy?

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