Attorney Orly Taitz: Georgia Judge Subpoenas Obama!

Attorney Orly Taitz has reported that a Georgia Judge has issued a subpoena demanding Barack Obama appear in court January 26 and produce his original long form birth certificate, passport records, college registration records and more. Dr. Orly Taitz, attorney for one of the plaintiffs in the Georgia eligibility cases working their way rapidly through the courts, posted a copy of what is reportedly asubpoena, issued by Judge Michael Malihi of Georgia. The subpoena demands that Barack Obama himself appear in court on January 26, and bring with him a laundry list of official documents that will prove or disprove his eligibility for office. The list is frankly a "birther's" dream. Unlike previous cases, where only certain documents were requested or discussed, this subpoena issued by Judge Malihi includes every document that serious eligibility experts have been discussing from the beginning. The list requires Obama to produce each of the following: Any and all birth records, including a long form birth certificate. While we take a moment to rejoice in a court finally willing to examine the Constitutional status of Obama, who, evidence supports  as being not a lawful president but a Usurper-in-Chief, we cannot rest on our laurels. While we may hope that Georgia will be the beginning of the end of the line for the Obama campaign, motions to quash and vicious legal push back by Team Obama are a given. We must work MUCH harder now to open battle on many more fronts, and compel the rest of the States to do their "due diligence" and demand Obama provide PROOF POSITIVE evidence of eligibility to appear on our ballots! 

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