Lisa Karpova: US Pushing World to the Brink of World War

While local US police use excessive force and violence against OWS protesters, the US government continues to attempt to spread "freedom and democracy" of this same kind around the world. Reports come daily about beatings, clubbings, tasering, a female having her bicycle thrown at her, and disabled veterans being abused. Meanwhile, Libya attempts to free itself from this "freedom and democracy" scourge brought to Libya by thousands of terrorists: murderers, psychopaths, head chopping nut cases that enjoy bodily mutilation even when the body is already dead, raping women, looting, burning. Oh, the joy of freedom and demon-crazy compliments of NATO Nazis. NATO literally dumped this murderous trash into Libya, to fight along local criminals and traitors in order to plunder the country's resources. So NATO did more than drop illegal weaponry, including chemical and biological agents - white phosphorous, depleted uranium, and sarin, There have even been outbreaks of white phosphorous, depleted uranium and sarin, as well as tuberculosis. The country's water supply has been bombed and poisoned, and tuberculosis outbreaks are now common. 

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