Gordon Duff: Boston Terror: The Real Attack.Veterans TodayHad it Right!

They were set up, FBI followed them for years, Tsarnaev's mother to RT. The video below crediting Info Wars contains significant information. Lt. Col. Potter has less than half the story, washed clean of Israeli involvement and a clear background. However, I recommend the video just the same. What is sad, is that Sandy Hook was so obvious, and he never saw it coming. If we allow this outrage, the Boston false flag to stand, patsies blamed for an FBI/Mossad operation, we can only expect, not just more of the same, but Lt. Col. Potter has some of it right. This week's terror attack in Boston, is not the first incredible failure of intelligence, and law enforcement America has suffered. By incredible, I mean exactly that, not to be believed. Before the smoke had cleared, the Israeli Lobby and DEBKA had identified domestic terrorists with Mid East connections as the guilty parties. This, alone, was taken as a confirmation that a very real conspiracy was involved, this time the most obvious false flag terror attack yet. Highest sources weigh in on Boston Bombing. During 9/11, NORAD and the entire United States Air Force vaporized, just like the FBI, DHS and Boston PD security did. We are getting used to it, being lied to and frankly, being murdered as well. Within minutes of the Boston attack, America's intelligence and Special Operations community, put their back channel round robin into motion. This is how America's top intelligence operatives informally share sensitive information on threats. Those with the highest access to both human and signals intelligence, those tasked with tracking and killing terrorists came to a very startling conclusion. An American agency was involved, out first guess is that it is the FBI. HadI asked this question three years ago and did, I would have been called a conspiracy theorist, and, in fact, I was. Now I am told, Duff, you were right all along, we feel like such idiots. America's Special Operations community has, of late, been under attack. The group, long closely allied with their Israeli counterparts and still maintaining strong friendships with Israeli counterparts, is now skeptical of the souring relationship and Netanyahu's poor leadership. Moreover, many of America's elite warriors have been shocked to find groups they belonged to, listed as terrorist. Their conservative politics and patriotism, is now being characterized as a threat to national security. The new policy that has brought suspicion upon many of America's military, and intelligence leaders originates from Tel Aviv. None saw this coming, this betrayal. In 2005, President Bush appointed Michael Chertoff, an Israeli citizen, as director of the Department of Homeland Security. It was Chertoff's job, while Secretary of DHS, to place all law enforcement, counter terrorism and domestic surveillance operations under Israeli control. This was done by directing all contracts to Israeli companies, all equipment, all training and full access to all intelligence databases. American companies, even disabled veteran owned, were excluded until they took on Israeli partners.              

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