Pravda.ru: USA loses the struggle against terrorism!

Is the Boston tragedy a continuation of September 11th? The explosions that rocked Boston on April 15th, provide some basis for an affirmative answer to this question. The US security is under serious threat, and the US government does not know where to look for its trail. Among the offended marathon participants, in the camp of patriotic groups, or Al Qaeda? The US authorities are forced to admit, that they do not know the organizers of the terrorist act, and finding them will not be easy. Barack Obama defined the explosion as terrorism, thus removing other possible versions. On April 16th, law enforcement officials said that the bombs that exploded in Boston, were made out of common pressure cookers stuffed with nails, ball bearings and gunpowder. Egg timers were used as bomb detonators. The authoritative source of US security officials, said that this pattern was not consistent with al Qaeda. But patterns may change over time, especially given the strengthening of control measures over the US citizens, tourists, migrants and persons illegally residing in the country. In addition, it cannot be ruled out, that the primitive bombs were made specifically in order to keep the investigation of terrorist attacks on the wrong track. Three people were killed in the attack: an 8 year old boy and two women, one of whom is a Chinese citizen, graduate of the University of Boston. All of them were among the spectators. The number of injured, according to some reports, exceeds 150 people. Of these, many are seriously injured, and some may remain permanently disabled. Why were the bombs not detected immediately? According to law enforcement, the bombs were hidden in inconspicuous sport bags, or backpacks with dark nylon, and left by a mentally unbalanced loner, perhaps someone among the failed marathon participants, the location of the murder weapon was chosen symbolically, the finish line as the end of life. The psychologists believe that the criminal was a lone terrorist, he could safely leave the bag on the pavement, in order to distract the police, and stand quietly near them until the  explosion. Doctors of Boston hospitals praised the medical staff working at the scene. They were able to send the injured to the hospitals, where each individual could be given the most effective medical care. Despite the extensive work of the police, the FBI, and other law enforcement agencies, so far there is no accurate version, of what has happened. At this time, no one has claimed the responsibility for this terrorist act.   

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